We all love sambhar. This is one of those curries, which is a multitasker. It can be eaten with your breakfast (idlis and dosas) as well as with your meals (rice, sabzi, etc.). We get it that it’s very difficult to get the right taste of sambhar. As much as you try to make it, it can’t get the South Indian taste that it deserves. After careful evaluation and regular sambhar tasting from our South Indian aunty, we have officially created a sambhar masala that will definitely live up to the standards of the best sambhar you have ever made in your kitchen



We understand that sometimes you need a quick fix to get something done. It’s the same with cooking. With the workload increasing on all of us by the day, we rarely get the time to make a good authentic dish at home, even if it’s a holiday. So keeping in mind your schedule and the fact that men like to cook too, we have created a fantastic mix of popular ingredients that are bound to do wonders to your cooking. In an attempt to make things simple for you, we definitely recommend having a go at our homemade masalas. While some of the masalas you get at super markets are harmful for your health as they lead to acidity, we have carried out extensive research and have recreated these celebrated masalas sans the side effects.


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