Also known as kharale/khurasi chutney, this acts as a romantic matchmaker between two states – Karnataka and Maharashtra. Famous in both the states, this is the right combination if one is looking for something scrumptious and that will keep one healthy. The best part is that this can be eaten with anything. If you plan to eat it with idlis or dosas, add a dollop of ghee to the chutney and enjoy your South Indian meal, add it on to a sabzi (vegetable side dish) you’re making, or simply have it with steaming hot rice with a few dollops of ghee.

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Chutneys are famous in India, also extending to certain countries abroad. Used as a side dish, this is a must to enhance the taste of anything you make. Made with all our Indian states in mind, these chutneys go hand in hand with either rice, idlis, dosas, parathas, and anything that you want to put out for a meal. Our chutneys aim to give you the best experience at every meal, which is why we created a range of chutneys, because variety is the spice of life.


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