When you say you want something substantial as a snack, we totally agree. This is exactly why we have the khari puris made fresh, ready for you to eat. It is filling, rich, and fried in fresh oil. We ensure that no stale oil is used to fry any of our dishes, which is why these puris taste like we just got them off the stove. This goes perfectly well with tea & coffee, acts as a lifesaver when your late making dinner and you need to keep your kids and hubby quiet for a while, when your having your me-time, and well, anytime!


Chai Time Snacks

The Hunger Pangs Treatment Is Here!

We know hunger pangs are a cause for trouble. We all suffer from it, everyday, everytime. Till date no one has provided a cure for it, but don’t worry. We are here to treat your hunger pangs, effectively. Our chai time snacks are just what you want. Something crunchy, something munchy, a mood enhancer, a walk down memory lane, and something to uplift your mood, which will keep you light, happy, and satisfied. We have a wide range of snacks that are waiting to explode your taste buds. Ready?


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