All we have in mind is your good health. So when it came to creating a mukhwas for you, we
wondered, why not make that healthy too, isn’t it? With flax seeds trending tremendously, we
realized that creating a mukhwas with the same would serve multiple purposes. It would act as
a mukhwas, it would be healthy for you, and it would be a digestive aid, that would contribute to
better hair growth, a healthier heart, controlled diabetes, and a whole load of other benefits.


So Wikipedia tells us that mukhwas is a combination of two words – ‘mukh’ that means mouth
and ‘vas’ that means smell. While in one go it means mouth smell, the intent behind it is to make
way for easy digestion and simultaneously freshens your mouth. It comes in different forms,
colors, and textures. And we have ensured that we have made a good mix of the mukhwas that
will keep your eyes entertained, your mouth occupied, and your senses captivated (no pun
The Original Mukhwas
We want your digestion to go as smoothly as possible. So we created a flavorful mix of
everything awesome. To be had post your meals, this acts as a dessert, a delightful snack, and
a digestive aid. With a fresh mouth and a full stomach, you are ready to face the world. Who are
you ready to take on?


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