Dryfruit Wheat Ladoo


Wheat has had its own success story written time and again. We don’t need to get into the details of how nutritious it is to have wheat in your diet, isn’t it? So let’s skip that part and tell you how delicious this wheat and dry fruits combination is. It absolutely melts in your mouth and the dry fruits you munch on will leave you feeling elated. It is sweetened with a mix of sugar and jaggery, while the rich desi ghee adds on to the rich feel of the ladoo. Now you know healthy eating can be tasty too



What are ladoos?

Ladoos are a typical Indian dish that multitask as a dessert, a snack, a welcome gift, a tearful adieu, the secret food your mothers pack for you when you are going abroad, a generous helping of success during festivals, a reminder of the omnipotent during festivals, and you get the drift.

Where is it available?

Right here on our site at your fingertips with a simple click.

Which ladoos do I opt for?

We would suggest going for all of them. Don’t be biased here; instead, let’s give all of them the love they deserve. You don’t want any of them feeling like they are the black sheep of the family, right?

Why should I buy these ladoos?

Simply because they are heavenly. They are made with real ingredients that imbibe a sense of “maa ki ladoo” from the first bite. To add on to your experience, we would like to highlight a key factor here – hygiene. It is made under the most hygienic conditions. You can rest assured that we abide by the quality and quantity motto.

When can I eat these ladoos?

All day long


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