We love plating up snacks, putting in a couple of spoons, and sharing it around while we are watching our daily soap serials, isn’t it? The perfect snack to plate up is always a type of chivda. While we agree that some chivdas may not suit the dietary habits of everyone, we came up with the brilliant idea of giving you the best of both worlds – health and taste – with our corn chivda. You can eat as much as you want of it and you can rest assured that it is neither fattening nor does it interfere with your diet. Order for it right away and enjoy its company during your daily soap serials.


Chai Time Snacks

The Hunger Pangs Treatment Is Here!

We know hunger pangs are a cause for trouble. We all suffer from it, everyday, everytime. Till date no one has provided a cure for it, but don’t worry. We are here to treat your hunger pangs, effectively. Our chai time snacks are just what you want. Something crunchy, something munchy, a mood enhancer, a walk down memory lane, and something to uplift your mood, which will keep you light, happy, and satisfied. We have a wide range of snacks that are waiting to explode your taste buds. Ready?


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