Chai Time Snacks

The Hunger Pangs Treatment Is Here!

We know hunger pangs are a cause for trouble. We all suffer from it, everyday, everytime. Till date no one has provided a cure for it, but don’t worry. We are here to treat your hunger pangs, effectively. Our chai time snacks are just what you want. Something crunchy, something munchy, a mood enhancer, a walk down memory lane, and something to uplift your mood, which will keep you light, happy, and satisfied. We have a wide range of snacks that are waiting to explode your taste buds. Ready?


Biscuits have been our all-time go-to snack. We can’t deny that all of us have biscuits stacked in our house – in the kitchen, in our rooms, and on the dining table. Our love for cookies are undeniable, which is why we bring to you the unmatched coconut anarse. Translated into coconut cookies, these are worth trying out. While these are generally made during festivals, we didn’t want you to wait till another festival came along. So here you go. Coconut anarse on a regular day, all year long, good enough to make you feel like it’s an occasion.