Cheese Balls


This is the perfect snack for kids and adults alike. We agree that a lot of companies have made equally delicious cheese balls, but we would like to root for our cheese balls, because you get them without all the preservatives. They are light, have the right amount of cheese, doesn’t make you feel sick after eating them, and you’ll just be left longing for more. The longing part is not an issue anyway, because all you have to do is order more and they reach you.


Chai Time Snacks

The Hunger Pangs Treatment Is Here!

We know hunger pangs are a cause for trouble. We all suffer from it, everyday, everytime. Till date no one has provided a cure for it, but don’t worry. We are here to treat your hunger pangs, effectively. Our chai time snacks are just what you want. Something crunchy, something munchy, a mood enhancer, a walk down memory lane, and something to uplift your mood, which will keep you light, happy, and satisfied. We have a wide range of snacks that are waiting to explode your taste buds. Ready?


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