About Us

In an age that is centered around work, technology, and no time for yourself, we realized that you rarely get to spend time at home. Most of you have relocated to other cities in search of jobs and have left behind all the goodness of your parent’s home made food. In an attempt to ensure that you continue to eat good healthy food, we came up with Healthy Crush. There is a saying that you cannot get the best of two worlds - but at Healthy Crush, we guarantee that you will get the best of not just two, but all the worlds. We have ensured that every food item we sell on our website is replete with hard work, sincerity, extensive research, and most importantly - hygiene! We are very sure you will love our range of eatables, but we have one request - don’t eat it alone. Share the food with all your pals and let the love from food emanate and spread amongst everyone.